About Reverie Astrology

The Story

Reverie Astrology teaches tools for making meaning of the constantly changing nature of life
A Brief History

Over a decade of study and spiritual inquiry.

Reverie Astrology is a professional consulting practice and educational resource, featuring written forecasts and transit reports designed to enrich harmonic living with planetary cycles.

It is the fruit of over a decade's immersion in depth psychology and several astrological schools of thought, beginning with a committed Jungian concentration; study of the astrological decans and Chaldean order by way of The Book of Thoth; early education in Humanistic and Psychological astrology, and a subsequent (re)focus on traditional delineation techniques via Hellenistic astrology.

Reverie Astrology offers a range of works and services, from birth chart and synastry readings, to decan-based forecasts, long-form articles, and the Planetary Portraits series — a humble look at the astrology of creators in culture. For the monthly horoscopes and dailies, subscribe to my Patreon.

The Vision

That our collective psyche becomes re-enchanted with the cosmos.

The word 'reverie' — like a daydream — transmits both yearning joy and melancholia.  Such daydream's nightside evokes one of the core participatory magics of astrology: that images drawn in the sky millennia ago bear meaningful connection to movements of psyche — earthly patterns mirrored by planetary alignments with the signs and the lights within their namesake constellations.

We are stardust, living meanings drawn in sky, the oceanic known-in-part.

Community, ceremony, and soulful celebrations of spirit are the heart of Reverie Astrology's mission

A solar system sanctuary.

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writer, astrologer, yogi...

Alexander Baker

Hello! My name is Alexander Baker. I'm a writer, astrologer and certified vinyasa yoga teacher (ryt 200) from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Across ten years of astrological immersion, I've been privileged to give readings for several hundred clients, friends and family members, additionally examining thousands of cultural figures' natal charts. It is my purpose to help you better know yourself, and achieve self-mastery, through the means of astrological wisdom.

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