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Astrology is a kaleidoscopic prism, not a sun sign prison. At each moment, all the stars shine and all the planets weigh upon us uniquely in their movements, just as they did at each of our births. What characters dance on stage in the theater of your heart and mind? What images froth up between the cracks of our everyday motions? Astrology helps us to recognize and embrace all of the mythic shades that make us up.

Reverie Astrology offers archetypal astrology readings that incorporate traditional techniques, decanic images and a psychological focus on shadow integration.  All sessions are held by me, Alexander Baker. I'm a practicing astrologer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I offer consultations in person, as well as by Skype and Zoom.

Genuine Surprise

Revealed aspects of my character that I didn't even realize existed… very helpful in navigating the challenges of my identity, while recognizing and honoring its strengths and gifts.

Lana T.

Understanding and Compassion

True insight and compassion, combined with such a deep understanding of the subject — but without any pretension.

Lindsy B.

Another Level Entirely

So positive… not only did I cry (in a good way), I was comforted in knowing how I can clarify and move past persisting emotions and perspectives. Highly recommended.

Kaylene K.