March 28, 2021

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A Full Moon in Libra, Across from Venus and Chiron


Alexander Baker

A Full Moon in Libra, Across from Venus and Chiron

The Full Moon in Libra overhead is ruled by Venus, who sits opposite our lunar mirror and folded into the rays of the Sun in Aries. Venus is in detriment when passing through the sign of the Ram, as the boldness and martial rule of this sign holds a greater immediacy than the peace and pastures of Venus might prefer.

Venus cazimi, ‘burnt up’ in the rays of the Sun’s vernal exaltation, can clarify desires and bring a sense of openness surrounding love and relating. This is a lunation highlighting the fulcrum of Self and Other, one where the suchness of fire must strike a balance with the process of Air. Venus in Aries is not known for the subtlety that can be required for the more delicate of venusian seesaws in relating.

Earlier in March, the astrologer Pallas K. Augustine shared some lovely details surrounding Venus’ 584-day cycle, which they aptly pointed out began August 14th, 2019 at 21° Leo, reached its midpoint June 3rd, 2020 at 13° Gemini, and ended (beginning again) on March 26th, 2021 at 5° Aries.

Looking to these dates and where one’s cycles of relationship, commencement and creative process were surrounding them, is part of the illumination of this work. Moreover, one should look to which house of their chart is ruled by Aries and the life dynamics referred to by its domain.

Venus is conjunct Chiron and its medicine, their engagement with the Full Moon axis a confluence which undoubtedly supports the ‘seeing through’ of venusian processes I have witnessed lately in the lives of friends, family and clients alike. As much promise as cycles hold at their various kindling points, the more entangled narratives must be treated with patience in their unfoldment, nurturance and closure.

The Moon in its fullness implies polarity, lights in opposite hemispheres — and the Sun’s ruler by decan, Mars, whose reds you see above, is currently transiting a sign so dual in Gemini. Multiple viewpoints abound, drifting in hazy step square-by-sign to a debilitated Mercury. A Venus at present Mars-ruled, by both sign and decan, is tempered by curious roundabouts.

A solar system sanctuary.

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