April 5, 2023

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A Full Moon in Libra and Sun Conjunct Chiron


Alexander Baker

A Full Moon in Libra and Sun Conjunct Chiron

The Moon in Libra reaches its fullness this evening, across from the Sun and Chiron in Aries.  Ruled by Venus in her yin home of Taurus, there is a sensuous, harmonic and desire-filled air.  One of acceptance or reconciliation may also permeate, put forward by the face of Libra this moon transits — even a wistfulness, or sense of karmic balance levied.  For some, relationships begin or end in the days surrounding a lunation such as this.  There is a theme of self-fulfillment versus self-sacrifice in our human bonds, highlighted by Chiron’s presence.

Venus in Taurus offers a fertility, fecundity, stability, and in its third decan a concern as to what the fruits of one’s harvest will be.  Yet it is so early to say, as we are just watching seeds sprout.  Many of April’s transits have a way of moving forward with changes experienced since the end of February and beginning of March, some tricky to unravel from each other in their interwoven happenings.  Mercury conjunct the North Node in Taurus' first decan accentuates mental focus on manifestation, in all its mixes of cerebral acuity, potent effort and contractive worry, couched in a sky partly going with the flow.

Dust might still be settling for those less clear on passages to come.  In some way or another, one may experience a kind of self-leveling or gentle arrival at the reality that one’s life cannot return to whatever it looked like just a month ago.  Navigating the maze of one’s ‘feeling body,’ understanding deeper patterns and motivations is especially beneficial right now.

The Star of Aphrodite also finds this hearty-hungry wist dialed up from a Venus-Neptune conjunction forming.  The third decan of Pisces, as Neptune has long inhabited, the focus often falls on having ‘drained the cup’ — and aspects formed to the syrupy sea-god planet therein sometimes emphasize the question of whether this ‘Satiety’ has been achieved, this being the name of Pisces’ third face in The Book of Thoth.

The Aries Sun is ruled by a fallen Mars in Cancer, whose passage there began March 25th, 2023 and endures til May 20th, 2023.  With Mars’ in its fall dispatching the Sun for most of Aries season, it seems like the thrust of our willpower is governed from a more emotional place than usual.  It’s hard to push forward through the walls of a house relied upon for protection — the fearless momentum harnessed by Aries is being re-routed through a place of carefulness or protectiveness in a way, perhaps even a gravitation towards the past.  Mixed with our awareness of just how much has changed in the past five or six weeks, much wisdom seems to be found in feeling our way through steadily, with an air of continued, humbled self-discovery in the heart.

Just some dynamics to look out for:

*sensuousness, harmony, desire
*understanding desire as something that facilitates or inhibits expression
*pleasantry, indulgence, promise, an air of stability amidst the storm
*dreamy dynamics that flit between longing and satiation
*self-fulfillment and self-sacrifice in relationship
*momentum forward vs. grace in making ground
*maintaining a virtuous way about tough choices
*clarifying what is and isn’t one’s own
*feeling gentle focus through the haze
*a mix of satisfaction and ‘not quite there yet’, or the sense that what more one wants is eluding
*navigating the maze of one’s ‘feeling body,’ understanding deeper patterns and motivations

Swim well, stargazers ~


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