April 26, 2021

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A Full Moon in Scorpio and Fallen Mars


Alexander Baker

A Full Moon in Scorpio and Fallen Mars

The Full Moon in Scorpio exacts its mirror at 11:32pm ET tonight, engaging the Taurus-Scorpio axis with its watery, subterranean pull.  Scorpio is the nocturnal sect of Mars, a fire-water place where cloak-and-dagger energy abounds, desires loom beneath the veil, and the voracious need to know ‘the Other’ turns to all types of devouring if not properly harnessed.  How true are our passions if the ‘objects’ of our desires become all the more magnified when they fall within another’s appetite?  Do you want what you want from your own depths?  Where is the line drawn?

As I tend to repeat upon any lunation across the Taurus-Scorpio axis, “rather than control something apparent, be apparently controlled.”  The floral spread of Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury in Taurus, a placidity of sinking rooted into spring, is challenged by the Scorpio Moon’s hypogeal urges, now dispatched by a fallen Mars in Cancer.  Here, Mars channels its aggression and guard into matters of home, hearth, emotional continuity and a ‘don’t fuck with my people’ signal bearing down.

While the expression of these energies in your life might not be so guarded or hyper-attuned at the moment, be careful not to over-fortify one’s protective armor, perhaps.  Tend instead to the perimeters of the home, combing them with care like waves lap the shore, knowing that the psychic burdens will pass, and sickness will fall at the feet of beauty, grace and clear aims.

Look to what houses of your chart the Taurus-Scorpio axis falls across.  Examine where soil might be sunken even under skies otherwise nurturing pastures…

A solar system sanctuary.

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