February 27, 2021

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A Full Moon in Virgo and Venus in Her Exaltation


Alexander Baker

A Full Moon in Virgo and Venus in Her Exaltation

The Full Moon in Virgo hangs across from the Sun in Pisces, painted in electric sinews and reflecting our energetic bonds in the material particularity of each moment.  That move, that spoken word, that synchronicity.  Venus is in the early degrees of Pisces, also sign of her exaltation, stirring equilibriums from safe distance into sweet connection.  One might see…

Desire and prudence held in tandem;

A dream made into a principle of service;

Structured action effectively conveys our empathy;

Beauty, harmony, aesthetic ideals as a governing principle;

Moments of romanticism peek through the comfortable distance;

In work, in creativity, in love, is there really any risk of the heart without some semi-conscious calculation of odds?

​These few days of the Full Moon in Virgo offer some of the more stable repose of the month.  The mounting spread in Pisces steeps our emotions in something that feels a different, perhaps more visceral if not ethereal frame for our experiences this month.

Swim well, stargazers ~

A solar system sanctuary.

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