March 13, 2021

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A New Moon in Pisces with Venus and Neptune


Alexander Baker

A New Moon in Pisces with Venus and Neptune

A happy New Moon in Pisces to you!

As this misty lunation began to unfold, our lights joined just a few degrees past Venus and Neptune who are directly conjunct in Pisces, making for a particularly heart-steeped and dream-oriented stretch of days.

There is a romantic, yearning, or even wistful quality to such a Piscean spread of planets, one consummately immersed in the foci of our passions, yet also reaching past known thresholds for the boundless and the ever-beyond.

Pisces is the mutable water sign, in ways representing adaptive feeling and emotion-as-movement. Fluid like the most form-filling substance we readily engage with, Piscean tropes like ‘divine discontent’ or ‘hopeless romantic’ mirror the spiritual restlessness this sign energy can have.

Pisces is the nocturnal home of its ruling planet Jupiter, naturally square to Jupiter’s diurnal home in Sagittarius. Here, the ‘cosmic womblike’ final sign of the zodiac gives a matrix in which Jupiter’s faith and vision can expand — a theme which will be explored in greater relevance when the big planet slips into Pisces on May 13th before retrograding back into Aquarius July 28th.

I believe the traditional rulership of Jupiter over Pisces, rather than Neptune in modernity, to encourage a broader perception of Pisces’ passion as potentially commanding, movement-oriented, boundless in ‘real action’ and not whitewashed with hyper-spiritualist ‘New Age’ cloaking.

Too much astrology, especially in recent decades, seems to paint the mystic Pisces as a ‘guaranteed healer, you-might-be-Edgar-Cayce’ type sign… and while the intuitive and healing powers of Pisces energy cannot be underestimated, we should not use these realities to ironically box the sign in.

A proper, visceral understanding of Jupiter-rulership sees Pisces placements just as suited to athleticism, to fighting; to ‘high risks’ whether with a pool cue or a career pursuit; to showmanship and entertainment; to deception and dogmatism. It is a sign energy capable of mathematical cunning, high risk-calculation and cult-leader charisma as much as anything ‘dreamily gentle.’

The current sky might also have a touch of the scattered, and could easily see one flowing about meaningful tasks (or meaningless?), combing back and forth in a restless rhythm but still in heart compass. The playful inquiries of Mars in Gemini — the curious perversions and ‘multiple endeavors like a serial epic’ characteristic of this Mars sign — also tint the current sky, letting us into many channels of action with flexibility and different rhythms of focus.

One might see…

*dreamy, self-adoring states

*high compassion and sensitivity to others

*flowing about several different activities in reverie

*purpose-driven action and life-as-artform

*desire that needs boundaries in order to function at all in expression

*dissolution into drink or altered states

*pangs of self-righteousness or discontent at whether one is seen in one's fullness

*just good ol’ gushy love and lovingkindness

More on the Sun’s travel through Pisces III in the coming days. Swim well stargazers~

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