January 15, 2021

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A Prelude: Technology, Noosphere and the Natural World


Alexander Baker

A Prelude: Technology, Noosphere and the Natural World

A Prelude: Technocracy, Noosphere and the Natural World

The first two months of 2021 are filled with perhaps the most potent astrological transits of the year, which has shown with a varying degree — or lack — of shock in the sociopolitical spheres of America in particular.

A New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto showed us that what we don’t whittle away from the sculptures of our vision will corrupt the form.  To cleanse, one must cut out stale patterns, starving off the excess organisms hosted, for otherwise the detox will be quite painful indeed.

This year’s series of Saturn-Uranus squares, from Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus, will strike many chords.  Among them already are early notes, preludes to the growing dichotomy between technology and ‘the natural world.’  It is a dissonance capable of better harmonizing; the innovation, tech fetishes and ‘I imagined a better way’ of Aquarius have come through different channels of a cosmic intersection and arrive at 90° to Uranus in Taurus, shocks and upsets in the lush pastures of the Bull.  Electric cords like tendrils can corrupt the nervous system of an earthen vessel, or they might surge with breakthroughs in our ability to harmonize soil and circuitry.

After Mars’ passage through a home in Aries during the last half of 2020, bearing a cardinally frictional retrograde, the red planet joined Uranus in Taurus in early January adding to the tension.  It may have been a welcome reprieve for cardinal placements, and yet Mars is in detriment in the venusian home of Taurus.

One of my dreams the night before last, a particularly lucid one, involved full human-form AI being used to stage conversations with people shopping / looking around inside public businesses (of any scale) to influence their decisions.  I know right, that seems a bit high-cost (for now?) compared with something similar going on in the palm of your hand. 📱

It wasn’t just a ‘buy this’ kind of thing — it was more nuanced, with a brand enrapture and slow-burn brainwashing implication to it.  I was truly thrown off by how seductive and upbeat the whole act was — and how from a visual standpoint, the AI carrying on with me seemed identical to humans.  I simply knew they weren’t, in that Malcolm Gladwell ‘Blink’ kind of way that intuition often lets you know before you can explain why you know.

The scene took place in what I felt to be the middle room of the Beehive, a now closed cultural hub on Pittsburgh historic South Side.  I knew this from seeing Carson St. out front, although I didn’t spot familiar businesses — that’s simply ‘where I was.’  It was more like a lounge-y office though, unclear to me what kind of biz.  The feeling tone of the whole AI exchange was quite strange, again with the broader implication of conditioning.

In a later scene, I tried (unsuccessfully) to save a friend’s child from being killed by a silver fox-like creature.  There seemed to be some kind of technocracy / natural world contrast going on in that morning’s dreamscapes. ♄ ♅

A fitting time to mention that sitting under a tree and reading a book can be an act of revolution, a spiritual anarchy.  That’s all for now.  See you on the other side of a ceremony weekend~

A solar system sanctuary.

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