March 22, 2017

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Alexander Baker

Back and Forward

​​The season of inhalation has dawned.

Spirit descends into the vessel, gaining dominion as it’s ensouled.  Muscles twitch, nerves light up as primal voices wail out their infancy over plains concrete and fluorescent lit, strewn across ground cool and increasingly fertile.

The Ram is alive in us, our momentum toward personal benchmarks charged.  The Sun in early Aries nears the degree point of Venus retrograde, raising the task of balancing the individual will with relational harmony.

As much as positive velocity fills the air, so might irritable, impatient and aggressive notes.  One’s own goals and ground rules are utmost, and that includes, yes, even the prioritization of others.  Filtering the needs of those surrounding us through our own does not have to be selfish; it is important to recognize that honoring oneself and one’s own principles is a prerequisite for accommodating others and maintaining peace.

Mercury the messenger, further along in Aries, approaches the degree point of wild card Uranus who is a ways through his seven-year stint in the sign of the Ram.  Particularly exciting, unpredictable and even explosive accents to our communications may arise — or continue to — in the coming week.

As the swift planet approaches said conjunction, it also applies to square Pluto in Capricorn and oppose Jupiter retrograde in Libra — whose square with Pluto has been ongoing.  Varying chemistries and levels of awareness boil up from the seething underworld of relational dance.  In recognizing the sanctity of our own principles, it is still important to avoid the sacrifice of fairness for the volatility of our own demands.

No matter how selfless one’s dream in the collective benefit it poses, realization of the will and completion of the great work become a mere abstraction if we shun the task of loving others in each moment.  The will must be executed with severity and grace in appropriate configuration.

Just as blossoms shine through the lingering cold, the promise of headway and the fervent hope of our fulfillment must not cry for the destination more than the process.  We blaze trails for the joy of individual selfhood and realization amidst the whole Self, knowing that each moment toward a goal reflects it; each moment contains within it a perfect end if we stay present in our love.

A solar system sanctuary.

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