March 27, 2018

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Burst Forth: The Astrology of March 20th-30th


Alexander Baker

Burst Forth: The Astrology of March 20th-30th

The zodiacal year has dawned, and the lengthening Sun rising sees its exaltation in Aries.  The commencement of both Spring and Fall from one hemisphere to the next has arrived.

Whether sprouting seedlings or the thrust of new shoots between pavement cracks, Spring bursts forth.  Cardinality asserts through lingering cold.  Whether ashen fields or the sweeping silence after harvest, Fall equalizes the playing field.  Instigation in many forms.

Mercury and Venus zipped into Aries long ahead of the Sun’s recent entry to the first sign of the zodiac, the first sign of Spring.  Mercury went retrograde on March 22nd, and will appear to resume its continuous forward motion on April 15th as it goes direct.  Communication can be forward lately, but in which moments should it be?  Venus may be fallen in Aries, but we easily bounce back from frictional moments.  Physical vigor, be it athletic or romantic (or both~) can rescue situations of conflict or verbal overstepping.  Moments of adventure and excitement bring their own shades of grace.

There is a strange mix of mutually accomplished violence among people, and half-related harmony right along side it.  The warrior in each of us tends to have a higher threshold for pain.  More impressive, what we’re tempted to inflict right now is less than what we can recover from.  Mars and Saturn together in Capricorn, square by sign to the Aries action, bring a resilience, an air of “the obstacle in the path becomes the path.”  Better yet to channel this into the sanctity of personal discipline and accomplishment.

As the Sun enters the second decan of Aries on the 31st, we will see Venus’ entrance into her home sign of Taurus and the Full Moon in equally venusian Libra.  More on those transits in a couple days.  Until then, here’s a very literal manifestation of Mercury Rx in Aries that I snapped in traffic a few days ago… 😭

A solar system sanctuary.

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