December 27, 2017

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Alexander Baker


The Sun is midway through the first decan of Capricorn, a sign signified in the Thoth deck by the Queen of Disks surveying the land, in 36 Faces “A Headless Body" with its pronounced descent into hard materiality.

​This decan of the Sea Goat holds an instinctual awareness of one’s strength in resources, social standing, and power wielded.

If you feel as though you’ve lost your footing, if opportunities or people you love have slipped away, reflect on whether you’ve ‘earned’ what has come to pass — even whether something needed to be cut out.  Remember we don’t always willingly do the cutting.

As Venus approaches Pluto in Capricorn, relationships in both private and public spheres may see purging and excisions.  Best to shave or transform what doesn’t work and make this approaching aspect one of elemental strengthening for your connections.

Remember that in Capricorn, the magic of manifestation, a stamina scaling mountains, and the shadow of materialism are all found — closely bound up with instinctual knowledge of both the growth and erosion that time promises.

What we build toward, and what we cling to in human denial of impermanence, forge our signature as the year ages through winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  A core yin quality of this sign — to take account of what is — finds similar amplification as Summer begins in many parts of the Southern Hemisphere.

With Mars in Scorpio close to Jupiter, and at a more exact trine to Neptune in Pisces, this is a time to put one foot vehemently in front of the other as we work toward our visions and desires from a grounded place.  The present stellium in Capricorn, though decorated with relational intensity, is a supporting container for our efforts right now.

​The Moon’s contact today with Uranus in Aries lends a boost of surprises, will power and visionary spark.  Case in point: as they followed Neptune in Pisces to the horizon this morning, one of my dreams before waking reminded me to stay in love, within power…

I was holding a long, fluffy, golden creature draped in my arms, reminiscent of Falkor from the Neverending Story but smaller and colored like the sun. I felt this intense empathy and palpable joy wash over me, as though I was gently suspended in light.

Then I awoke and realized it was my cat Lennox PawPaw Georgio. The joy lingered.

A solar system sanctuary.

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