May 26, 2017

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Everything and the Kitchen Synch


Alexander Baker

Everything and the Kitchen Synch

When you tell a story enough, or say, dose heavily on stories that you take in more than tell, you come to live the story. Rather, the story comes to include you more than it already did.

It's like some kind of quantum principle. It can happen semi-consciously, or perhaps unbeknownst to you entirely. To steer it consciously is a kind of magic.

It's almost like Stephen King -would- get hit by a truck, buy the truck and destroy it so that no one else could put it on display. Conquer the demon, keep it out of a museum, do something. He'd finished another novel just before the accident, ''From a Buick Eight,'' whose release was pushed back partly because the story involves a nasty car crash.

​Meaningful coincidence, toward the event horizon of one's awareness thereof, was called 'synchronicity' by the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

Comedian Tim Heidecker was stabbed twice in the back while trying to help a neighbor in the midst of a drug-induced breakdown. The addled trailer park dynamic this scenario might evoke sounds a lot like something the duo Tim & Eric would capture in a longer slot for HBO's Funny or Die, as they did with short films like "Father and Son" and "The Terry's."

And, like some sort of cosmic counterpoint, Fabio -would- kill a goose with his face on a roller coaster at Busch Gardens.

These are just some pop culture footnotes from my childhood that serve as examples. (Why not mention them in the 'brothers and sisters' type fellowship of the Gemini New Moon!)

And these flavors of synchronicity arise in people's lives all the time. Caricatures simply bubble to the top, celebrity 'stars' an inflation of the world stage.

Gemini is a mutable sign, sailing out of Spring. Mutable signs reintegrate and disseminate, synthesize the messages of a given season and transition to the next. All four of them have 'dual symbolism,' and Gemini's mercurial eye for double occurrences mirrors back the symbol of the Twins.

The dude who struck King 'would' die a year later, just days after King's birthday, however mundane the circumstances of his death. How about the initial accident took place June 19th, 1999, during Gemini, following King's completion of that book bearing so similar a scenario.

Fabio inadvertently struck a goose with his overly chiseled face on March 30th, 1999, during Aries, first sign of the zodiacal year (ruling over the head of the body). The Sun is 'exalted' in Aries as Spring dawns... and what would you know, the name of the roller coaster he was riding is Apollo's Chariot.

The universe is just a silly synchronistic song! Tragicomic, and a bunch of other things... but in honor of my example(s) we'll go with washed out and silly for now.

A solar system sanctuary.

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