May 27, 2016

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Gemini, the Dastardly De-literalizer


Alexander Baker

Gemini, the Dastardly De-literalizer

​The Sun is a few degrees into Gemini season, and today the Moon in Aquarius continues well past its trine to the Sun.

Gemini is, say, the dastardly de-literalizer.  The Gemini part of us is witty, intellectual, playful, distractible and meddlesome.  The mercurial trickster to a T.  It likes to shake things up.

Gemini sees the many truths, the ‘all ways’ always.  It’s versatile, multi-talented, fast-moving (mentally, physically or both)… and sometimes lacks patience and focus.

Gemini is also, along with the analogous 3rd house of a chart, classically associated with the heretic.  Across the zodiac from the Twins is Sagittarius, the Archer, whose ruling planet is Jupiter. ‘Guru’ or ‘Brahaspati’ is the Sanskrit translation of Jupiter.  While Gemini is about many-ness, the truth in each possible angle, Sagittarius type energy is about unifying, purifying and burning away that which is not part of the ‘singular’ utmost vision.

The jester role in Sagittarius is surely as playful.  But with Saturn retrograde here and Mars dancing back into Scorpio before it returns to the Archer, we’re being asked at the same time to buckle down and stick to the ‘high road.’

Part of our Gemini nature feels or says too quickly that we’ve mastered something and moves right along - and sometimes this is just semiconscious camouflage for boredom.

Ever exaggerated how good you are at something you indeed have a touch for, or how much you know about a topic, mentally compensating for the fact that you know you should be spending more time with that thing or are even too restless to do so?  Yeah.  That can be Gemini.

Here’s some shit you might be able to particularly relate to lately:

* Quick progress, exciting developments

* A blend of synthesis and decay

* An ‘aha!’ moment, many doors opening, a few of them closing

* Changing your mind, not settling on one prospect or outcome but perhaps trying hard to

* A playfulness in the air, maybe even some indulgence, a childlike lack of concern with results

* A simultaneous need to buckle down, stick to the ‘high road’, hammer out some completed checklists

* And yet, there -is- a concern with buckling down, getting serious, letting go of things that don’t work, refining a process constantly but maybe not consistently

* A sense of things coming along or being facilitated, perhaps in combination with shooting oneself in the foot

* Aid and mediation in a matter… or interruption and interference

* Humane, philanthropic efforts, ‘good samaritan’ vibes, maybe coupled with critical and judgmental thoughts inwardly or outwardly made known

* Romantic and relationship exploration, fun, revision, boredom, indifference

* A sense of friendship and camaraderie

Gemini sees multiple angles to each truth, but might be neurotically uncomfortable with the very idea of any of it being ‘true’ or ‘real’… is all of it?  None of it?  Somewhere in between?  A slice of each thing?

Remember to play, and some things to burn away!  Both, all of them!

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