May 1, 2017

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Alexander Baker


There is a curious musicality and lyricism to Spring.

The raw suchness of vision that Aries brings, the spread of glory in stasis held by Taurus, the versatility of mind and song that Gemini trills.

​I very much enjoy a sweep of celestial bodies in the signs of Spring, with a planet or two in Pisces thrown in.  Such confluences hold a special blend of looking forward and looking back. Songwriting born of these dynamics, and of those born under them, seems to grow in every direction.

This is a poem I wrote in the middle of April, as Venus in Pisces resumed forward motion from her retrograde state and the Moon conjoined Saturn in Sagittarius.  Mars in Taurus held its slow mounting yet powerful passion.  The words that follow very much reflect those moments of Moon-Saturn contact, with Venus floating all lovely through the last degrees of the sign of seas and her exaltation.

A solar system sanctuary.

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