November 28, 2016

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New Moon in Sagittarius: The Suchness of Inner Vision


Alexander Baker

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Suchness of Inner Vision

The waxing New Moon in fiery Sagittarius reached a conjunction with Saturn soon after its commencement, lending this lunation a serious vibe in tandem with the playful.  From creative endeavors and relationships to worldly affairs, this grants a more grounded realism to the vision and hopefulness that the sign of the Archer is known for.

​While this can feel coolheaded or deflating in alternation, strive to see the equalizing and stasis in mild swings from high to low.  The present sextile between Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra supports this balance.  And balance is not always something Sagittarius is known for!

While Sagittarius often conjures the jovian expanse of optimism, this is an overemphasized quality of this sign.  The sign of the Bowman can be a highly emotional energy in other ways, and compared with fellow (traditionally) Jupiter-ruled sign Pisces, this emotionality can manifest in extreme swings all across the polarity playground.

While shades of Pisces can romanticize suffering to the point of not only expecting it but perhaps inviting it in, the Sagittarius parts of us often experience quick plummets to manic states if external events do not meet our inner vision and according expectations.

However, as emotional as the Archer can be, this independent sign often seeks freedom from feelings in the more immediate sense.  The emotionality of Sagittarius has much to do with the will’s fulfillment or lack thereof.  The Archer needs a goal, a target to hit, and without this there can be a sense of restlessness, depression or loss.  The sky’s current trine from Mars in Aquarius to Jupiter in Libra can lend a positive outlook and lack of attachment to any particular outcome for an endeavor, yet it can also present distance and mental instability.

Fire is spirit, solar, “up and out,” the vision, the intention, the egoic becoming, the image more archetypal than material, the will, the exertion, the marionette strings you move your vessel with.  Water is soul, lunar, “down and in,” the feeling, the reception, the instinctual needs, the “who you are without trying,” the sense of comfort and enmeshed ‘home’ amidst your family, your people, however this feeling has been shaped in you.

The Sun in Sagittarius, the sign which says “I philosophize,” might express itself as the suchness of inner vision sent outward — the last stretch of Fall’s exhalation, the last fire of the year, an element of Selfhood in a season of Otherness.  Synthesizing a strong sense of personal being and a desire to mold the world with others, to actualize relationship in a powerful, transformative way.

As the waxing New Moon moves to a conjunction with Mercury in Sagittarius before entering Capricorn, seek to balance passion and play with the heavy feelings they may help to alleviate… but realize also the necessary groundwork pointed to by our shadows and doubts. Just as the vision seeds downward, build to meet it from the ground up.

Hit that target, accepting all possible paradox of stilled chaos and blundering grace~

[ Artwork by Augustine Dunn ]

A solar system sanctuary.

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