May 31, 2019

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Reflections on NORWAC '19


Alexander Baker

Reflections on NORWAC '19

NORWAC 2019 was a pleasure to attend.  Beautiful conference, both invigorating and exhausting as such a mix of energies and overwhelm can be.  Especially with Saturn and Pluto cooking my moon, really half my chart since March of last year... on and off since 2017.  I occasionally feel like death, no big deal really.  Bound to flip it into fine wine.

I had a lovely time hanging with Adam Elenbaas, Carol Ferris, Shawn Nygaard and Sabrina Monarch among others — across a weekend of absorption, work and relative peace unto myself. Enjoyed every talk I made it to — copped recordings of each and several others I’d have been stoked to attend.  Adam, Shawn, Lynn Bell and Jason Holley stood out; super looking forward to listenings on Jessica Lanyadoo and Nadiya Shah.

While not at all my first major event, retreat etc., NORWAC ‘15 a few years back was my first proper conference. It was also the same weekend I launched Reverie Astrology / Reverie Unfold, the humble website for my practice.  Its roots are in archetypal and psychological approaches, without much sugar-coating or neglect of traditional techniques.  Secondary progressions have amazed me for years now, and I find profections to be a reliable tool.  Zodiacal releasing seems a magic I’m eager to immerse myself in.

True to saturnian form, I sometimes semi-consciously guilt myself for having not released much writing since July.  The first three years Reverie Unfold was online, I always put out one or two pieces a month — something I got back into this past equinox.  Been working on quite a few long-form bits since last summer, simply without many self-imposed deadlines.  The balance has remained in giving more readings than ever before, especially since that big eclipse in August ‘17.  Quite soul-feeding.

Looking forward to NCGR in Baltimore come Virgo season.  Perhaps first the Great Lakes Astrology Conference at June’s end.  Until then... to seek some knowledge across the pages of these book store scores. “The Celestial Art” seems tempting to start.

And of course, back to 🎱~ the NORWAC hotel got that sauna, but no tables like in Chi and Buffalo.  Rotating spheres, can’t get away from them, you know? ✨

A solar system sanctuary.

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