July 31, 2021

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Reflections on the Sun in Leo I + Venus in Virgo


Alexander Baker

Reflections on the Sun in Leo I + Venus in Virgo

The Sun’s entrance to Leo began with flurries about the stage corners, one act giving way to another, as Cancer season already held the heat of Venus and Mars conjunct in the sign of the Lion. Emerging from more watery enclosures, the Sun now in home sign oversees the solar season with Venus and Mars co-present in Virgo, assembling from our passions the utility of execution, of greater mobility in externally thrust realms.

Ways in which we’ve seen and desired to be seen have been validated, yet are now experiencing adjustment. Core radiating motives have been asserted, and are now finding footholds from which we will both gain traction and naturally slip. The Sun’s conjunction with Mercury at the beginning of August and end of Leo’s first decan, augurs clear thinking in alignment with our sense of purpose. Yet this Leo season is one checked by Saturn and Uranus, with alternately sobering and electrifying moments sure to manage our pride.

This particular season of the Lion is also tempered by Venus in its fall, a place of discernment and mentally flavored sensuality. Venus in Virgo can make healthy adjustment to overblown ego and grandeur with the Sun in its home, but also poke holes in romance and compartmentalize relationships. Here we find the economy of personal energy weighed against romantic investment. There is sometimes a simultaneous criticism of yet sympathy for the underdog this placement exudes.

Between a fallen Venus, and the Sun at home in Leo opposing Saturn at home in Aquarius by sign, the undeniable empowerment of this Leo season will many a time be found in less flamboyant places. More to come on August’s transits in the next couple days. Do not forget your divine birthright, the throne of your heartmind, the part of you that deserves to shine no matter the moment.

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