December 29, 2017

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Seized: A Saturn Transit Tale


Alexander Baker

Seized: A Saturn Transit Tale

Saturn in Sagittarius was cool, with just a hint of manic shit show.  For me at least.

I have a lot of love for that planet and sign, individually, together, all of it — just sayin’ that my prior couple years of scorpionic steadiness got a bit over-decorated by the huge swells and windfalls that Jupiter-ruled Sadge is known for.

A number of people I know, whether or not Saturn in Scorpio (mostly Oct ’12 to Dec ’14 + June to Sept ‘15) was particularly great for them, felt the fixity of it.  Whether you had alllllll the power coiled or just got dragged through the abyss in the name of healing, maybe both, there was probably some semblance of consistency to it.

Saturn in Sagittarius (most of Dec ’14 to Dec ’17) may have felt more like the speedy ascent — hard work shows up in grand rewards rather than small details — or the unceremonious toppling.  Travels promise growth, art takes magnificent form, visions are made written contract, restaurants open, bitcoins boom, riches swell, you name it.

The backdraft of that?… Big decisions without ample grounding can lead to big problems.  Wander aimlessly and you might trip and catch yourself, or you might just trip into a chasm.  Or off of a hot air balloon, or some shit.

Impulse meets a brick wall.  Excess is disciplined.  Centeredness isn’t always that far off from self-centeredness.  Some people have too much self esteem.  Being full of well-meaning vision can still lead to hurt feelings surrounding your ‘positivity.’

As for me?  I made lovely romantic connections, with one ending and somehow becoming a shit show after the fact.  There was a lot of live music, astrology workshops taught and conferences attended.  I launched a website for my practice, Reverie Unfold.

I ended four years of living alone in Pittsburgh, and took up dual residence in Chicago — to be with a lovely Sagittarius woman, and to be closer with my brother and sister, the former also a Sagittarius.

I made and spent a small fortune, paid a debt or two and began rebuilding said significant nest egg.  I worked incredibly hard, indulged harder and had a seizure the very day Saturn first sat on the degree point of my natal Mars (7) because I accidentally poisoned myself with a powerful mix of herbs while hungover after a weekend of partying.

For real though, Saturn in Sagittarius left some persuasive burns.

For a while there it was like your gender identification doesn’t exist, provable falsehoods are “alternative facts” and electing a president who’s into bragging about violating people is in vogue for a lot of America.

I only kid, but you can sort of thank that long Saturn in Sadge square to Neptune in Pisces for the whole ‘Reality Malleability’ x Tyrannical Dogma split EP — not a pleasant manifestation of that aspect.

For me, Saturn in Sagittarius felt like a pressure cooker speeding up what would have otherwise been a terribly long, equally painful process, so I’m grateful for it despite the discomfort.  Other times it felt like an old roller coaster and I’m a groove in the tracks, blood still dried on the wheels as the whole thing sits in a junkyard somehow long outliving all of us before being melted down.

I appreciate a wild ride, especially when it helps to recalibrate my personal gravity and keep me on the the high road.  Never the only road — but remember that among the many true ways, one will usually present itself as the ‘best’ unifying vision for that stretch.

The one and the many both partake of truth, and truth partakes of them.  Those of us who love the diffuse nature and sexiness of sheer elemental chaos still benefit from a nice jolt of Sagittarian oneness every now and again. ;)


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