July 25, 2016

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Sun Rays, Whirlpool and Watershed


Alexander Baker

Sun Rays, Whirlpool and Watershed

The word “emergence” always lingers with me when Cancer yields to Leo.

All cycles share a likeness.  With the rise and fall of a breath, the weight and liberation of decades can be felt.  The breath of the year works in such a way, with each sign’s symbolic connection to a part of the human body.

The inhalation of Spring reaches its fullness on June 21, and so the held breath of Summer moves through the breastbone of Cancer, to the heart and down the spine of Leo.  To ‘have backbone,’ to ‘have heart.’

To have the courage to create your life, and to confront the things you must change.  To dance.  

To give or delight in a grand gesture.  To flirt for sport.  Like a cat stretching in sunlight, the part of you that’s the shit without trying.

A planet or two are often already well into the sign of the Lion once the Sun reaches its first degrees, like with Mercury and Venus the last couple weeks. That woman with wild hair, dancing freely, dwelling in each of us.  Seasoned in her spin, yet eternally youthful.

Late Monday into early Tuesday, July 26th, the Moon in Aries briefly conjoins Ouranos in Aries, stimulating a Grand Fire Trine already in the works.  “Play” and “passion” are key themes with fire.  An embattling explosiveness with that much of it.

Certainly a blazing sky… but these east coast rains touching down and evaporating in a flash evoke for me the lingering feelings of Cancer energy.  Mars in Scorpio continues to sing all the whirlpool and watershed of these recent weeks.

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus’ oppositions from Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn, all the way up through the Full Moon — I had a number of dreams, witnessed a number of experiences that vehemently scream the domestic, familial and ancestral tensions of the Cancer-Capricorn axis.  Still reflecting on them, to be shared sometime, some way down the fiery line.

The wanderers make shapes, aligned focalizing lens

or withholding, both

They shine down and weigh upon us

in living spectral dance

We stardust walk meanings, drawn in sky,

sunbathing the oceanic, ever known in part

[ Artwork by Augustine Dunn ]

A solar system sanctuary.

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