September 8, 2019

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Swords of Service


Alexander Baker

Swords of Service

Notes on the current sky:

Virgo, communicative and Mercury-ruled, is a sign energy known for being simultaneously critical of yet sympathetic with the underdog. No matter their confidence in approaching a given task masterfully, the inner critic and eternal apprentice in them rarely comes off too cocksure. Worn out cut-ups about a Virgo who 'can’t figure out whether they want to be the boss or a total doormat' ring true on more than one occasion. It is the mutable earth sign — ‘adaptive sensation’ — reintegrating and disseminating wisdom of our resources and their utility in the world ‘out there.’

An over-abundance of Mercury-ruled placements — mental, verbal, cutting by nature — begs that we cull the occasional temptation toward cruelty.

I'm not the first to point this out numerous times, nor the most elegant: Cutting down on others / seeking to invalidate their opinions due to poor spelling, grammar etc. comes off, and often is, classist and ableist. It also reveals ignorance as to the relative strengths of individual psyche. A person can be on point in the suchness of what they're saying, the message, and not all prim and proper with punctuation or whatever.

Not everyone has access to the same levels of education, not everyone has the same psychological focuses, and that doesn't inherently take away from the validity of what they have to say or offer. Have an eye for the nuance of what makes people beautiful and worthwhile in their message. Regardless of how well established they are in any way, and especially if they have less of a voice.  As we transition to Libra season, the fulcrum of self and other tended by Venus in the cardinal air sign may help to temper some of our critical tendencies.

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