February 4, 2023

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The Full Moon in Leo, with Saturn's Stare and a Liberation Frequency


Alexander Baker

The Full Moon in Leo, with Saturn's Stare and a Liberation Frequency

The Full Moon in Leo peaks at 1:30pm EST on Sunday, February 5th, 2023, implicitly across from the Sun in Aquarius.  These polar signs, the ‘fixed yang’ pair, share in ways a remarkably similar valence to my eyes, especially between their middle decans.  The cresting, held breath of Leo’s regalia, filled with light as it wanes in many places, is not unlike the torch Aquarius must hold in the night and its umbral whispers.

But the Sun and Saturn, these two signs’ planetary rulers — the original etymology of the word ‘planet’, of course, including the Sun and Moon — could not be more different in their representations, a nourishing center and a cold outlier, the throne of Will and an anchor of Fate.  Yet the way a person born under Aquarius decan II might carry themselves bears a similar jolt to the flame Leo II knows so well.

The dignity and divine birthright that Leo reminds of, is perhaps part of the very thing Aquarius points to from the periphery with an inverted quirk: ‘hey, I see what makes you feel different, alienated, exiled, ‘beyond the city gates’, unacceptable sometimes even to yourself… it’s okay, come back, be with us.’  One of my best friends, whose birthday is tomorrow, an Aquarius with Venus in Pisces like at present, is so fantastic at quickly identifying what part of a person might feel it doesn’t fit, lighting that up, reaching through it, and weaving them back into the fabric of (quite often literally) the party.  I’ve seen him do it countless times over the years.

Saturn’s humor also shines in this (Mercury-ruled) decan, with many comics born under it (particularly on said friend’s day), their work drawing upon reservoirs of feeling alienated, but breathing some kind of spark back into a sense of belonging — to others, for others, but first for oneself… outside of the Sun’s reach, but only for so long as the light returns.  ‘Exile’ as one of those hot button words in Aquarius’ cool, liquid-airy-smooth lilt, is literal, if not visceral as anything; Aquarius is traditionally the sign of the Sun’s exile or ‘detriment’, whereas Saturn is presently in its domicile of Aquarius, soon to close just about three years there and its brand of revolution ‘for any reason.’

The cosmo-drama of the planets plays out all around us… astrology is just life happening, the birth chart not an abbreviation of someone’s essence, perhaps so much as an indication of what they will encounter.  Karmic terrain being navigating as we are called to have reverence for the mystery, and take up action in playing our manifold parts. That said, this Full Moon axis is one playing out just as internally as far as will, motivation and creative alignment go.

Parts of us may be feeling iced, inhibited, negated, dissociated… and the square from Uranus in Taurus that this Leo Full Moon axis is separating from brings a kind of ‘liberation frequency’ to the table.  You may have seen that already this week in the form of outbursts, crackling temperaments and the desire to ‘get free.’  Best channel this into motivation, rather than let afflicted temperaments snap, crackle and pop.

Soon after its peak fullness, the Moon in Leo will oppose Saturn in Aquarius as the Sun’s present ruler, stamping upon this time the stark reality of work to be done in bringing forth that which is within.  To nurture a sense of centeredness and belonging, rather than defeat or exile.  To continue the craft, build with small actions, create what you are doubting in yourself, mobilize what feels muted by excess thought — these are the task.

To risk being rejected or ridiculed for that prize in seeing the Work through to completion — replete with the reality that no one really cares as much as you worry, until you fully believe in yourself.  When you do, the firmament explodes to rejoice with you, like all the workers of the bathhouse in Spirited Away, when Chihiro knows none of the pigs before her are her parents, and passes Zeniba’s final test.  All were conspiring to see you step back into your fullness, all along.

Swim well, stargazers ~


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