October 3, 2017

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Windy City


Alexander Baker

Windy City

"Windy City"

by Alexander Baker

Eternal sirens

and on the lake shore luring my eyes in

Vast expanse, cold thickens my hide when

I stay on the grind, echoes of violence

But fractures unify, here conversations thrive

An aging gateway city rings out

Echoes industrial silos and a Green Mill

Blood runs down old walls

Shady aldermen and we’ve swallowed the pill

But I hear Dilla’s liquid air echo in the streets

Lupe kick push no destination rebel move over the beats

The winds move through we assemble, different blooms the dusty flower

Same block sunrise 'til set morphs different hour by hour

Loving every one of my kin

What is this dusty vessel if not celebrating shed skin

[ Artwork by Phil Thompson ]

A solar system sanctuary.

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