March 17, 2018

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Words for the New Moon in Pisces


Alexander Baker

Words for the New Moon in Pisces

Such a strange, humbling, overwhelming, soul-forging current that runs through life, when you feel so overtaken by emotion that you stop identifying with your willpower as heavily or your ability to change a situation, and actually stay awash in what you're feeling, for better or worse, and don't choose to step back into the illusion of control because the way you're dissolving yourself into these moments is so real that part of you would rather stay in it.

Miring in those currents, I chose not to publish writing for any of Pisces' three decans.  I will return to doing so for the first decan of Aries and commence of Spring that is March 20.  The New Moon in Pisces on March 17th, quickly waxing into Aries on the same day that Mars enters Capricorn, holds a gusto and boost of willpower beyond the earlier whirlpools of March.

From the crescent, on towards the runway

Footprints in sand, and through each door say

"I meet you where our helpless do rise"

Intermingle, stagnant and spirit'd tides

For the great old, and for Mars and Jove

From where and to and Sunrise interwove

A solar system sanctuary.

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